Hey Kitty


Client Hey Kitty
Date 2009
Scope Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photography, Illustration, Package Design, Poster Design, Printing
Projects Hey Kitty Package Design and Printing, Hey Kitty Poster Design and Printing


Hey Kitty is a San Francisco company providing treats and toys for cats. But the best thing about this company is that they donate to feline rescue groups. We branded the fantastic feline company with a “K” in the logo that represents a high hooked kitty tail (cat language meaning the cat is interested). With a cat intently looking at its owner in the design, the kitty is begging for a toy or treat! This creative design utilizes graphic design, illustration and photography to promote the brand.

Hey Kitty 11"x8.5" Poster design by doubleDdesign.biz

Hey Kitty Poster Design and Printing

We designed and printed the Hey Kitty poster with a cat attentively gazing at its owner waiting for that treat! The grape vines representing an abundant life and a zest for living well further symbolizes this brand. The poster promotes the brand and grabs ones attention.

Hey Kitty Package Design and Printing

The Hey Kitty package design grabs ones attention with its imaginative artwork combining graphic design, illustration and photography. The attentive cat and grape vine display the kitty’s bountiful life. The print was a two color duotone offset job to pop the logo and artwork.

Hey Kitty package design by doubleDdesign.biz

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