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Sorelle Biscotti


Client Sorelle Biscotti
Date Client since 2023
Scope Branding, Logo Design, e-Commerce Website Development and Support.


It was an honor to work with three sisters who love everything about their Italian culture including making the best biscotti! The goal was to develop a user friendly website to expand their business selling their generational Italian family biscotti online. We first began by analyzing their brand and needs. The logo needed a facelift as it was not optimized for mobile viewing, nor was it a true file that could be scaled to any size. Then we developed their e-commerce website so customers of all ages could purchase online. The site contains the whole process of purchasing online, selling, shipping, invoicing and marketing on social media and is optimized for mobile. Order some of these delicious Italian biscotti cookies and find out why they are the best homemade biscotti! They make yummy gifts too!

Sorelle Biscotti Website Development by, an e-commerce website that sells Italian cookies
Sorelle Biscotti e-Commerce Website by Home page with biscotti and packaging rollover effect

Sorelle Biscotti e-Commerce Website Brand, Development and Support

We developed the Sorelle Biscotti e-commerce website as well as the brands “look and feel”. The site contains the whole process of purchasing online, selling, shipping, invoicing and marketing on social media. The site is optimized for smaller devices and mobile. We showcased each biscotti flavor with images that are so realistic they look like you can pick the biscotti off the screen! To further entice a user, we added rollover images displaying the beautifully packaged biscotti. To connect with viewers, we created the about page that informs the viewer of this family’s multi-generational biscotti making. Our client can easily navigate the process of selling, shipping and invoicing their customers on the back end of the site.

Sorelle Biscotti e-Commerce Website by Home Page Ad and Customer Reviews
Sorelle Biscotti e-Commerce Website by About Page with family images

Sorelle Biscotti Logo Redesign

When working with a client it’s crucial to have a vector logo that can be scaled to any size without loosing quality. Since the original logo was created through an online design site, it had a few design issues and wasn’t optimized for scaleability.

Before Logo Redesign:

  1. The wreath was strangely cut off.
  2. The word “Biscotti” was not aligned in the arc properly within the circle.
  3. The wreath was not aligned properly with the circle.
  4. The logo contained a white square box that extended beyond the logo border.
  5. The inside of the logo was not completely filled in with a white background.
  6. The word “Biscotti” was difficult to read when reduced in size.

After Logo Redesign:

The logo is a true scalable file optimized for all media. We fixed the logo design:

Edited the wreath so it’s more circular and fixed cut off leaves.

Drew “Sorelle” to make it slightly different shaped and varied the line strokes so it looks more like handwriting and authentic – on par with the brand. This way the client did not need to purchase the font.

Enlarged “Biscotti” and changed to a font that was conducive to be easily read when reduced in size. Corrected the text on circular path aligned to the circular logo.

Sorelle Biscotti Logo Before Design by
Sorelle Biscotti Logo After Design by

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